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Buy Hungarian wine at! It is easy and with the legal return guarantee ordering wine is also without risk. Buying Hungarian wine online was always a lot more difficult and the choice was limited. Usually the choice was limited to one type of Tokaji and one kind of Egri Bikavér or Bull’s blood, if you were already lucky. From now on you can buy more than 70 types of Hungarian wine from several Hungarian wine regions.

Red wine from Hungary

Although red wine in Hungary is in the minority, they are more than worth exploring. About 30% of wine production in Hungary is red.

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Kristinus Jégbor Merlot, rode dessertwijn
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Jégbor Merlot, rode dessertwijn

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De Kristinus Jégbor Merlot is een rode dessertwijn gemaakt van de Merlot druif. Uitzonderlijke Hongaarse dessertwijn, geschikt om te genieten...
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The most famous Hungarian red wine is the Egri Bikavér or Bull blood wine from Eger. See also Egri Bikaver. But not only in Eger good wine is made, but also around Lake Balaton and in Villány. Villány is also called the Bordeaux of Hungary and this region produces powerful red wines. In Sopron, near the Austrian border, we also find them mainly from Kékrankos and Zweigelt. Around Lake Balaton they are often a bit lighter than those from Villány and Sopron. Finally, Szekszárd in the south is also a wine area where predominantly red wine is produced.