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Buy Hungarian wine at! It is easy and with the legal return guarantee ordering wine is also without risk. Buying Hungarian wine online was always a lot more difficult and the choice was limited. Usually the choice was limited to one type of Tokaji and one kind of Egri Bikavér or Bull’s blood, if you were already lucky. From now on you can buy more than 70 types of Hungarian wine from several Hungarian wine regions.

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine or bubbles are the wines to toast. At weddings, business openings, anniversaries and of course New Year’s Eve. In the holiday month of December the revenue of these wines is the highest. These wines have their origin in the Champagne region, where brand-name champagne has become the generic name of sparkling wine.The name ‘sparkling wine’ in South Africa should also remain unmentioned. Much more famous are the Italian Prosecco and the Spanish Cava. Most sparkling wines are white, even though a foaming rosé sometimes occurs.

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Kristinus Krisecco Fehér front
€ 0,00

Krisecco Fehér

€ 0,00
Bubbles zigzag across its light yellow tone. Its aroma is dominated by fresh yellow apples. Its light, bubbly nature lends...
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Patricius Peszgö Sparkling brut
€ 18,95

Pezsgö Sparkling Brut

€ 18,95
A terroir sparkling wine made by traditional method shows the characteristics of the volcanic Tokaj soil. Hárslevelű, Furmint and Yellow...
Out of stock
 22,50  19,50

Furmint Sparkling 2011

Grof Degenfeld
 22,50  19,50
Alongside its fruity Furmint notes and its creaminess, the minerality of the vineyards of Tokaj appears in its bouquet. Upon...
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